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About Superior Graphite: Our Story

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Since 1917, Superior Graphite has been committed to three core principles: focus, discipline, and excellence. These principles represent our ability to adapt to ever-changing business and economic conditions, placing us in a position of continuous growth and evolution with our customers.

Our company has explored the physical and geographical frontiers of its markets. In the late 1970s, this pioneering approach led to the invention of a new, patented furnace technology that revolutionized our product range and transformed the company (until then, graphite was mainly processed from natural mineral resources or the re-crushing of spent electrodes). We were the first to manufacture graphite on a continuous basis using proprietary technology. We subsequently expanded the boundaries of natural and synthetic graphite purification, as well as the process of synthesizing graphite or other carbon-based materials. We have also explored new avenues in continuous graphitization and developed a number of innovative processes.

Mission Statement

We create value for our customers by providing SUPERIOR SOLUTIONS - utilizing our unique technologies, processes and talents - while contributing to the company's long-term success.

Research & Development

In our quest for innovative solutions, we maintain two R&D facilities. Each facility, located at a specific manufacturing site is designed to support our various processing technologies and to develop new products and processes.

Superior Graphite is committed to continuously develop new technologies, processes and products to support the technical needs and requirements of current, and emerging new markets.

  • The High Temperature Research Center in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA, focuses research on the thermal purification of carbon and graphite along with the carbo-thermal synthesis of advanced ceramic materials. This R&D facility includes a pilot unit to perform research and development on reactor technology, new raw materials and new products. On-going research is dedicated to extend current technology for the utilization of new sources of carbon with a much higher volatile and sulfur content, under strict environmental compliance. 
  • The Peter R. Carney Technology Center is one of North America's largest research and development centers for carbon and graphite products. It was established in Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1997. Teams of highly qualified scientists and engineers focus on the characterization of carbon and graphite and on the applications of carbon and graphite compounds. The laboratory expertise includes surface characterization of carbons and graphite, and research and development of new materials for coatings, lubricants, oil drilling fluids and electrochemical applications. 
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History of Sustained Growth

We are committed to continuously collaborate with our business partners, harnessing the challenges of today, and turning them into the opportunities of tomorrow. Solutions from Superior Graphite are tools that will positively impact your success.

  • 2008 - Expansion of the ultra-fine grinding facility, Chicago, IL, USA
  • 2008 - Opening of the Protect Tiles® facility with expanded production of SiC. Hopkinsville, KY, USA
  • 2006 - Superior Graphite becomes a partial ESOP
  • 2005 - Superior Graphite opens sales office in Shanghai, China.
  • 2002 - Desulco celebrates its 25th anniversary - over 900,000 tons sold
  • 2000 - Opening of the Peter R. Carney Technology Center, Chicago, Illinois USA
  • 1998 - Opening of the Ultra-fine Grinding facility, Chicago, Illinois USA
  • 1994 - Opening of the 2nd Thermal Purification facility, Sundsvall, Sweden
  • 1993 - Opening of the Advanced Materials facility, Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA
  • 1985 - Acquisition of the Graphite Electrode facility, Russellville, Arkansas USA
  • 1977 - Thermal Purification Process Commercialization, Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA
  • 1925 - Opening of Bulk Graphite and Lubricant facilities, Chicago, Illinois USA
  • 1917 - The Superior Flake Graphite Company is founded

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Company Officers


Peter R. Carney

Edward O. Carney
President and Chief Executive Officer

Frank Rembs
Executive Vice President, Demand Chain

Jeff Hopkins
Executive Vice President, Finance

Dr. Carsten Wehling
Executive Vice President, Innovation and R&D

Oliver Schulz
Vice President, Manufacturing

Andy Rill
Vice President, Material Management

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