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Custom Manufactured Graphite Electrodes

Graphite Electrodes
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Graphite Electrodes

Since 1984, Superior Graphite has been the leading producer of small diameter graphite electrodes. Our Russellville, Arkansas, USA facility specializes in the production of 200 mm - 450 mm (8" - 18") diameter high power (HP) and ultra-high power (UHP) ARK® electrodes, offered in 3 TPI, 4 TPI, and male / female joining systems. Specializing in the small diameter market enables Superior Graphite to apply years of graphite manufacturing experience and knowledge to our customers’ applications including: primary melting, ladle metallurgy, and specialty furnace applications worldwide.

Superior Graphite utilizes unique, continuous in-line graphitization furnaces allowing us to assure consistent, uniform properties throughout the entire electrode. This uniformity results in lower consumption and enhanced performance required by our customers.

ARK® electrodes are machined to exact dimensions and tolerances following NEMA, JIS, or IEC industrial standards. Once machined, ARK® electrodes are packaged and shipped to our customers’ doorsteps throughout the world.

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ARK Electrodes Brochure (PDF)
Electrode Customer Information Form (PDF)
Ark Electrode Joining System (PDF
Electrode Typical Properties, Cur. Capabilities (PDF
Electrode Recommended Tightening Torque, Proper Handling (PDF
Electrode Typical Weight by Size (PDF)