Providing Value-Added Graphite and Carbon-Based Solutions Globally

Providing Value-Added
Graphite and Carbon-Based
Solutions Globally

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   Superior Graphite Announcement

Mid-States Show, 8/14-16, 2016 EuroBrake, 6/13-15, 2016China Battery Fair, 5/24/26, 2016   Metal+Metallurgy, 5/17-20, 2016CFSMA Friction, 5/12-13, 2016Power Mart Expo, 5/2, 2016Ceramics Expo, 4/26-28, 2016CastExpo, 4/16-19, 2016

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Delivering unparalleled quality since 1917, Superior Graphite specializes in thermal purification, and advanced sizing, blending and coating technologies, providing graphite and carbon-based solutions to a wide range of markets including: agriculture, battery, fuel cells, ceramics, carbon parts, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, friction, hot metal forming, composites, powder metals, lubricity, and drilling additives.