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News 2009

Superior Graphite Supports the Austin Hatcher Foundation

Hatcher Foundation  

Superior Graphite is proud to provide sponsorship to the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer. Superior Graphite will donate about $10,000 annually in Tube-O-Lube® product to promote their fundraising efforts using pinewood derby cars and contest racing. The Foundation travels all over the nation to annually sell about 4000 pinewood derby construction kits where they provide venues for children and adults to build the cars together and then race them for prizes.

The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer was formed in 2006 after Amy Jo and Jim Osborn lost their infant son Hatch to a rare form of pediatric cancer. The foundation's mission is to support research towards the diagnosis, treatment and development of a cure for pediatric cancer, and to provide support and hope to children and families undergoing treatment, as well as those who have lost children due to cancer. The foundation has developed a landmark group of programs and services essential to help cancer stricken children and their families succeed within their community. All services provided by the Foundatio are free of charge, funded solely by the generous donations of its supporters. Hatch's House of Hope is a unique Austin Hatcher Foundation concept designed to empower children and families affected by pediatric cancer to thrive. The landmark cancer care center equips children and their family members with the educational, emotional and social skills necessary to succeed. Specifically, these services include Problem Solving Skills Training, neurocognitive testing, educational programming to help effected children overcome their cognitive and learning deficits, emotional counseling for the cancer affected child, their siblings and parents, and marital and financial counseling to ensure a safe environment to maximize the family growth as a whole. All services at Hatch's are free to its guests, funded entirely by donations. Erlanger Medical Mall in Chattanooga, TN, is the site of the first Hatch's house of hope, which opened September 18, 2009. This Hatch' s is the model for other Hatch' s in the planning stages nationwide. For more information, visit

Tube-O-Lube® is a product of Superior Graphite under the SLIP Plate® Product Line. Today, SLIP Plate continues to evolve to meet the needs of framers, maintenance engineers, fire fighters, institutional maintenance personnel, commercial truck fleets, golf courses, plant engineers and the home consumer. Innovation, quality and consistency for over 30 years make SLIP Plate® products the best on the market. Superior Graphite continues to work to develop new graphite products and new coating technologies through active R& D programs and partnerships with major universities and industrial customers. Superior Graphite is a world-leading innovator of unique technologies in the graphite industry. Please visit and for more information.

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OZARK Graphite Specialties - OZARK Graphite Specialties Joint Venture Announcement

OZARK Catalog  

Heralding in a new era of cooperation, as of January 2009, Graphite Sales, Inc. and Superior Graphite have launched a joint venture for the production, marketing and sales of specialty graphite. The new venture is called OZARK Graphite Specialties, and its base has been established in Russellville, Arkansas. "This is an exciting moment for us. This joint venture improves our ability to supply the customer a quality product on time. In addition, we are delighted that we have found a business partner the caliber of Superior Graphite to bring these products to market." said Kevin Burmeister, Chief Operating Officer of Graphite Sales. He added, "It is our mission to be a long-term supplier to the many industries utilizing specialty graphite, and this newly established venture casts a firm foundation for further growth." Specialty graphite is used in a wide variety of industries. It is a versatile ceramic and is used in cutting edge technology such as wind and solar energy, semi-conductor industry, armor Plating Manufacture, as well as many molten metal applications. Edward Carney, President and CEO of Superior Graphite stated "OZARK allows us to broaden the capabilities of our plant and people and provides another platform for growth, complementing our existing electrode business."

"We see a smooth transition for our present customers who are about to begin receiving product from OZARK," said Rodney Chiodo, Sales Manager for OZARK. He added, "We look forward to showing our current and new customers the portfolio of products we are now able to produce on a consistent basis." "The spirit of cooperation with Graphite Sales has been excellent, and production has been underway in order to meet the anticipated demands of the marketplace," offered Scott Anderson, General Manager of OZARK. "We are looking to expand the portfolio of products OZARK can manufacture for the market as soon as practical."

Visit us at:

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Superior Graphite Unveiling New Armor Manufacturing Line

Armor Manufacturing  

Hopkinsville, KY; Superior Graphite recently completed its silicon carbide (SiC) armor tile plant, shipping the first order in July 2008. With the new capability and increased powder production capacity, Superior Graphite is able to produce their own finished armor products called PROTECT TILES® in addition to providing popular powders for the Advanced Ceramic Industry, called HSC® Silicon Carbide, primarily for armor production.

Since early 2006, Superior Graphite has been working in with the Military, including the Army Research Laboratory's Materials Directorate, and the Defense Production Act Title III program, on a collaborative research and development program. The goals were to begin developing affordable silicon carbide ballistic plates and to improve and expand their high-grade, ballistic quality SiC powder, which they have been providing to the ceramic armor industry for several years. Superior Graphite's Hopkinsville facility produces both the Beta form of SiC, produced in unique high temperature continuous furnaces, as well as milling Alpha SiC to sub-micron size, suitable for high density sintering, required for armor tiles.

The SiC Armor Manufacturing Initiative, has enabled Superior Graphite to improve and expand their SiC powder manufacturing facility in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, to meet increasing demand for SiC powders, and to develop new manufacturing capacity for the production of armor plates. Working closely with the Army Research Laboratory and the DPA Title III program office, Superior Graphite has significantly increased its SiC powder production and has begun manufacturing SiC pressureless sintered PROTECT TILES®. These tiles are also under an R&D effort through a Cooperative Agreement with ARL to meet applications for lighter weight up-armoring programs for Military vehicles, such as the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) and the fleet of ground vehicles associated with the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program.

Since its founding in 1917, Chicago based Superior Graphite has explored the physical and geographical frontiers of its markets. In the late 1970s, this pioneering approach led to the invention of a new, patented furnace technology, that revolutionized continuous high temperature production processes, resulting in unique products that have transformed many industries.

In addition to Ballistic Armor Systems, Superior Graphite's unique thermal technologies, and advanced processes provide value in a myriad of markets including, among others: Metallurgical, Friction Materials, Lubricants, Batteries, and Drilling Materials.

Superior Graphite is actively seeking additional contracts for the supply of PROTECT TILES® and HSC Silicon Carbide Powders.

For further information please contact Dave Laughton, Product Manager, SiC Powder and PROTECT TILES, at or 630-841-0099.

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