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Silicon Carbide Shapes and Powders

Silicon Carbide Shapes and Powders
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Silicon Carbide Shapes and Powders

Known industry-wide as a producer of high quality silicon carbide (SiC) shapes and powders, Superior Graphite has the additional advantage of being one of the few manufacturers of both alpha (á)-SiC and beta (â)-SiC in business today. Our cutting-edge, continuous electro-thermal process and intricate wet attrition milling and air milling operations enable us to cost-effectively produce particle size ranges from a median of less than 0.5 micron, up to coarse 20 micron particles, including an assortment of macro and micro grits. The finest grades can be processed into sintered shapes that exhibit the excellent mechanical properties, hardness, corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity required for high-performance applications.

Our SiC powders, known for their extreme hardness, are available in standard package sizes of 15 kg buckets, 150 kg drums, 320 kg bulk bags and custom packaging is available on request. Pressureless sintered SiC shapes are available in a range of sizes and thickness, with a water jet cutting in the green form allowing for custom shapes.  We specialize in  a variety of ceramic shapes and parts, including armor tiles among others.  For more details about our SiC shapes and powders, please see the table below or call us today to discuss your requirements.

Sinter-Pur Ceramic Powders
Silicon Carbide Shapes and Powders

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Silicon Carbide Shapes and Powders Capabilities

Process Electro-Thermal
Intricate Wet Attrition Milling
Spray Drying
Air Milling
Materials Beta (â) Silicon Carbide, Alpha (á) Silicon Carbide
Boron Carbide
Produce Sub-Micron Ceramic Powders
Grades Very Fine (Submicron) to Coarse Particles
Micro Grits
Plain or Ready-to-Press SiC Powders
Characteristics Excellent Sintered Mechanical Properties
Corrosion Resistance
High Hardness
Thermal Conductivity
Form Ceramic Tiles
Custom Shapes
Benefits of Powders High Hardness
High Thermal Conductivity
High Strength
High Purity
Raw Material for SiC Shapes
Benefits of Shapes Tailored Density and Grain Sizes
Green Body Shaping
Thermal Conductivity
Pressureless Sintering to Near Net Shapes
Specialized Sizing Available
Particle Sizes Average sizes from 0.5 microns to 20 microns
Standard Packaging Sizes 15 kg buckets
150 kg drums
320 kg bulk bags
Custom Packaging
Packaging Material Paper Bags
Bulk Bags
Fiber Drums
Metal Drums

Additional Information

Industry Focus Advanced Ceramic Parts (Armor and Wear Parts)
Toner Addition
Metal Matrix Composite Addition
Friction Materials
And Others
Industry Standards ASTM
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